BabylonDreams – Alexander & Monika Kucera GbR


BabylonDreams is a team of skilled, award winning freelance artists, that provides excellent work for visual effects, character animation and visualizations.

We are able to plan your entire visual effects production for you or help out in specific areas. We also love to animate characters, mascots and whatever comes our way. Telling stories and creating stunningly beautiful images is our goal for your product or project.

We offer:

Visual Effects

  • On-Set Supervision
  • Complete Visual Effects Supervision for your production
  • Visual Effects Producing and Coordination
  • Post-Production for Feature Films and Television

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Character Animation

  • Hand drawn animation
  • 3D Character animation including:
    • Character Design
    • 3D Modeling
    • Rigging
    • Animation
    • Rendering

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Product/Architectural Visualization

  • Architectural Visualizations as stills or walkthroughs
  • Product Visualizations for commercials, print or web

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After we did the first Monorail for Bombardier, they came back with the wish to design a cargo version of their monorail. There were no designs yet and we were tasked to create a pitch-able version from scratch. A fun challenge for us. This short clip is what we came up with. It is obviously inspired by the standard monorail, but maximises the available space on the inside for cargo transports, while keeping it low profile on the outside.

PERI is the largest manufacturer of scaffolding systems for building construction. If there is a big complicated construction project, they are likely involved. We created several films showing of PERI’s scaffolding technology. This is one of them.