BabylonDreams – Alexander & Monika Kucera GbR

Software Training

BabylonDreams is Germany’s first certified Nuke training facility.

Alexander Kucera—pictured above with his snazzy distributed teaching setup—was the first worldwide to pass the Nuke Certified Trainers certification program. Coupled with his 10+ years of experience in small and big budget productions, he is able to teach you Nuke at every level.

Want to start out with compositing? Or are you an experienced feature film compositor that wants to switch from Flame/Inferno/Smoke, Fusion or shake to Nuke? No problem, we got you covered.

We do not offer a rigid course program, but instead work with you in creating the training that best brings you to the next level. We taught senior level compositors in a high intensity training so they could successfully work on a high end car commercial in Nuke and impress the supervisor with knowledge even he didn’t have!


The price for a course depends on the length as well as the number of students and the way we do the training.

Training can happen on site at your location or via online training (via for example Skype). For individuals I suggest the online training option as it is cheaper and more flexible. For groups it makes sense to do an on site training.

  • The rate for one on one online training is €600 per day.
  • The base rate for group training is €600 per day plus €200 per student.
  • Travel costs and lodging is being charged separately for on site training.

For a beginner training I suggest 6 days spread over two or three weeks. This will give us enough time to go over Nuke’s many features without making your head explode from too many infos at once.

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