BabylonDreams – Alexander & Monika Kucera GbR

Software and Plugins

Our in-house development team is well versed in the creation of pipeline tools, scripts and plugins for various DCCs like Maya, Nuke or modo.

We do offer bespoke development for projects that range from simple pipeline scripts to creating automated remote renderfarms.

Currently we are offering two software projects to the general public:


vrsceneGUI is our suggestion for a smoother V-Ray rendering workflow. Billed as the swiss-army knife for V-Ray rendering, it allows you to handle larger scenes and function as a simple render manager for small teams.

BabylonDreams Pipeline Kit for modo

BabylonDreams Pipeline on the other hand is a kit for Foundry’s modo that allows you to speed up your work by an order of magnitude if you are working with large scale projects.