BabylonDreams – Alexander & Monika Kucera GbR

Motion Pictures & TV

We provide compositing and animation services for motion picture and TV productions. For that we can either work in-house as part of a larger team or provide the full range of post-production services for smaller scale projects where we are not limited to compositing and animation, but also provide:

  • Pre-Production Consulting
  • On-Set Supervision of Visual Effects shoots
  • Complete Visual Effects Supervision for your production
  • Visual Effects Producing and Coordination
  • Compositing of live action and computer generated footage
  • Computer generated effects and 3D simulations
  • Architectural visualizations as stills or walkthroughs
  • Product visualizations for commercials, print or web
  • Classic hand drawn and 2D animation
  • 3D Character animation including:
    • character design
    • 3D modeling
    • rigging
    • animation
    • rendering

We helped Pixomondo create the vital (wikipedia: previsualization text: pre-viz) for the destruction of LA, the reveal of the ark’s and the crash of the Antonov as well as the creation of the 3D model of the (wikipedia: An-225 text: Antonov). Alexander Kucera was hired as post-production coordinator and helped to coordinate the artists in Stuttgart and keep tabs on the communication and feedback process with the LA office and the productions wishes.

Alexander Kucera was hired to help create this (wikipedia: Into_the_Universe_with_Stephen_Hawking text: amazing documentary series) written by none other then Stephen Hawking. Over the course of several months we helped to create several sequences and assets that featured in this 4 hour long program. Below are a few sequences that we helped to create: (Unfortunately, these are Flash videos, so you need to have Flash Player installed to view them. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.) Fear the Aliens Lightspeed Starship Miniature Star Supernova Life Pod Wormhole

We helped create the opener for Discovery Channel’s Reign of the Dinosaurs (which later got renamed to (wikipedia: Dinosaur_Revolution text: Dinosaur Revolution)). In close collaboration with kinkajou we went through several different look development stages on the animation we got handed. Then it was a matter of rendering the biggest parts and composit them. Those pre-polished pieces got handed off to kinkajou in the UK, where they received the finishing touches. For a look at the complete sequence (and part of the episode), please refer to the first 3 minutes of the YouTube version…

Andy’s Airplanes is a childrens series that follows Andy and his best friend Yaygrr, the ferret, on adventures to all corners of the globe to meet new friends, learn about different cultures and, of course, do the one thing Andy loves best… fly airplanes. Andy’s adventures most often start in his bedroom, where he invites us on his next great adventure. He shows us where we are going on the big map and then wastes no time getting started. Some might think that Andy’s adventures are all imagined and that he never actually leaves his room, but Andy always returns from an adventure with a souveni…