BabylonDreams – Alexander & Monika Kucera GbR


We provide the full range of post-production services for smaller scale commercials including:

  • Pre-Production Consulting
  • On-Set Supervision of Visual Effects shoots
  • Complete Visual Effects Supervision for your production
  • Visual Effects Producing and Coordination
  • Compositing of live action and computer generated footage
  • Computer generated effects and 3D simulations
  • Architectural visualizations as stills or walkthroughs
  • Product visualizations for commercials, print or web
  • Classic hand drawn and 2D animation
  • 3D Character animation including:
    • character design
    • 3D modeling
    • rigging
    • animation
    • rendering
  • Color Grading

For this project the goal was to show the efficiency and comfort increase provided by the products of Bosal Oris—without showing a person. In the end we opted for a flow of movement to show the important interactions.

A little commercial in the vein of previous Danone Actimel Kids spots. This one took about 2-3 weeks and the talented team at the Animationsfabrik to complete. We worked on the compositing side of things and helped to complete a couple of shots.

This stunning trailer was created for VW’s new fun car Up for the International Car Convention (IAA) in Frankfurt. About 10 artists worked for 4 weeks on this combination of live footage and 3D environment to create a refreshing blend of both worlds. Odds are, you won’t be able to tell which car is real and which one is computer generated, despite the stylised look of the movie. We helped with the compositing of the project and were able to put the final touches on over half of the used shots, while also seeing shots from scratch to final version. Tasks included: rotoscoping and…

This project consists of five 1:30-2:00 minute clips about Castrol’s new oil product Vecton. We worked together with Space Digital to create the compelling story of motor oil and engine wear and tear. Our task in this endeavour was to create the imagery for the fully digital flights inside a truck engine. These flights visualise what happens to an engine that is not using—the proper—motor oil and how Castrol Vecton helps you avoid engine damage. Some stats about our part in the Castrol engine project: ~100 man hours ~26404 GHzH of render time 1 producing ~30075 3D frames (130GB) and…