BabylonDreams – Alexander & Monika Kucera GbR


IAA Trailer

This stunning trailer was created for VW’s new fun car Up for the International Car Convention (IAA) in Frankfurt.

About 10 artists worked for 4 weeks on this combination of live footage and 3D environment to create a refreshing blend of both worlds. Odds are, you won’t be able to tell which car is real and which one is computer generated, despite the stylised look of the movie.

We helped with the compositing of the project and were able to put the final touches on over half of the used shots, while also seeing shots from scratch to final version.

Tasks included:

  • rotoscoping and keying the live footage
  • removing wires and reflections of camera crew and light rigs in the cars
  • compositing of 3D passes as well as fixing bad renders 1
  • combining live footage and rendered backgrounds
  • creating the look for several shots to be used by other artists

  1. Yes, those do happen. 

Project Info



Daniel Fraas


1min 44sec


HD 1080p