BabylonDreams – Alexander & Monika Kucera GbR

Castrol Vecton

Motor Oil for Truck Engines

This project consists of five 1:30-2:00 minute clips about Castrol’s new oil product Vecton. We worked together with Space Digital to create the compelling story of motor oil and engine wear and tear.

Our task in this endeavour was to create the imagery for the fully digital flights inside a truck engine. These flights visualise what happens to an engine that is not using—the proper—motor oil and how Castrol Vecton helps you avoid engine damage.

Some stats about our part in the Castrol engine project:

  • ~100 man hours
  • ~26404 GHzH of render time 1
  • producing ~30075 3D frames (130GB)
  • and 28793 compositing frames (139GB)
  • completed in just three weeks without overtime or weekend work (we also had two short weeks over Easter in Germany)

All this data is put into relation when considering that we only worked on a small part (about 116 seconds) of the complete project.

  1. meaning one machine with one core running at 1 GHz needs 26404 hours, that’s 1100 days or over three years to calculate the imagery 

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Space Digital for Castrol




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