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Andy's Airplanes

Andy’s Airplanes is a childrens series that follows Andy and his best friend Yaygrr, the ferret, on adventures to all corners of the globe to meet new friends, learn about different cultures and, of course, do the one thing Andy loves best… fly airplanes.

Andy’s adventures most often start in his bedroom, where he invites us on his next great adventure. He shows us where we are going on the big map and then wastes no time getting started. Some might think that Andy’s adventures are all imagined and that he never actually leaves his room, but Andy always returns from an adventure with a souvenir from the places he’s been.

The characters that Andy meets from different places are always passionate about their culture and are willing to show Andy and Yeager all about their part of the world. One of the most important characters in each episode is the airplane. Each plane has a large screen presence and an almost Iconic stature.

Andy’s Airplanes is a fully 3D animated series and we are involved in all stages of the production, but enjoy our part as character animators most. Among other things Monika Bress is also involved in setting up characters and environments for animation, doing tech support and preparing the finished animations for rendering. Then we help getting the rendered material through the grading process to derive the final image.

For more information and to get access to the shop, where you are able to buy the DVD and other merchandise, please visit the Andy’s Airplanes homepage

Project Info

Eggington Productions
& Andy’s Airplanes LLC


William Eggington